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Welcome to HexLines!
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Welcome to HexLines!
[Image: launcher_96.png]
HexLines is a Five or More android puzzle game. Arrange the balls into the lines of five or more of the same color to score points. Balls of 7 different colors may show up on the grid. Unlike original Five or More Color Lines game concept, HexLines uses hexagonal grid. And to make things even more interesting, special balls are introduced into the game. Look out for multiplier, bomb and rainbow balls - they can help you score more points, keep the grid clean and have more fun with the game.

How to Play HexLines
Arrange the balls into the lines of five or more of the same color to score points. To move a ball, tap it to select then tap an accessible hex on the board. A hex is accessible if it is empty and there is a path of empty hexes to reach it. After the move, if line of five or more of the same color balls is made, the balls disappear and points are awarded. Otherwise, 3 new balls of random color appear at the hex board. If several lines of five or more are made after the ball move, game automatically selects the line to remove that gives the most points. Game ends when the whole hex board is filled with balls.

Number of points awarded depends on the length of the line. Longer lines give more points per ball than shorter lines. It is up to you to decide if it is best to keep board clean and go for less points or take a risk and go for bigger point gain.
♦ 5 balls give 10 points
♦ 6 balls give 14 points
♦ 7 balls give 22 points
♦ 8 balls give 34 points
♦ 9 balls give 54 points

Special Balls
With a small probability, one of the three special ball types may appear on the grid instead of regular ball.
[Image: rules_x2.png]
Multiplier ball - when such ball is participating in the line of five or more, the line score gets multiplied by 2. If several multiplier balls are present in the line, their multipliers stack. Note though, that stacking is additive, not multiplicative. This means that two multiplier balls will give total multiplier of 4, 3 multiplier balls will give total multiplier of 6 and so on.
[Image: rules_bomb.png]
Bomb ball - when in line of five or more, this ball type explodes eliminating surrounding balls from the grid. This ball does not affect line points, but is very useful at cleaning the grid and prolonging your game.
[Image: rules_rainbow.png]
Rainbow ball - this ball type automatically transforms into suitable color when line of five or more could be made. Rainbow ball does not affect scoring. If several lines of five or more are possible after rainbow ball transformation, game selects transformation that will net the most points.

Online score tracking
In order to track your score and other players score online, please register an account by selecting Register in Scores activity. Upon successfull registration an email with account activation link will be sent to your email address. Once registered and logged in within Scores activity, your score will automatically update online whenever you post a new high score. Game synchronizes your high score and score list upon initial login. So if you will install the game on the new device, or reinstall/clear game cache, your high score will be restored upon login. Automatic or manual update is also available within Scores activity.

Email provided during registration is used only for account activation and password retrieval purposes. If you forgot your password, please use Lost Password? link.

In the settings menu you can set your audio preferences by switching on/off Sounds and Music.
Ball movement speed controls how fast the ball is moving across the board.
Color blind player support adds traits to the balls to help differentiate the colors.
Online score update determines score synchronization method when you open Scores activity. In Automatic mode game will synchronize high score and score list automatically when you open Scores activity but only once in 24 hour period. In Manual mode you need to press Update button to synchronize. Note that synchronization always occurs automatically when you post new high score. You can disable online score update completely by selecting Disabled mode.
Clear data lets you clear cached data stored by the game. This includes high score, score list data and online scores account login information.
Buy ad free version lets you remove ads from the game for a small fee. Once purchased, ad free version applies to all existing installations (version must be 1.2 or greater) as well as any future installations.

If you like the game, please take a moment and rate it here.
For comments, suggestions and bug reports please use this forum.
You can also reach developer via email here.

Have fun!
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